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Psycho Santa
Anything where a maniac in a Santa suit (or the legend himself) stalks, terrorizes, creeps out, or murders somebody.
Sentient Tree
Anything where a Christmas tree comes to life to teach kids the meaning of the season and/or murder people.
Now I have a machine gun. Ho ho ho.
Sometimes the holidays are a time for criminals to holster their weapons, relax, and behave themselves for a few days. Sometimes it's not.
LOL, that's a good one, Rudolph.
Aliens like Christmas too.
Fill your stocking with brains and watch these holiday horror classics(?).
Christmas Carol
About half of all holiday entertainment is ripped off of A Christmas Carol. Here are some favorites.
The dark prince does not care for all this yuletide cheer.
Worst of the Worst
These movies aren't really very good.
Comic Books
These jingle bells smell just the way that Batman smells.
Dysfunctional Family
Gather around the yule log and start drinking and yelling.
Sometimes it's all you can do to make it through the season alive, even if you have a pretty sweet crossbow and you've double checked that all your booby traps are set.
Substitute Santa
Christmas is cancelled, unless there are any volunteers, like maybe that guy Ernest, or whoever isn't busy that night, whatever.