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Batman Brave and the Bold: Invasion of the Secret Santas
Description: Batman teams up with Red Tornado against Fun Haus, a supervillain with an army of Santas at his disposal.
2008 23
Batman Returns
1992 126
Batman the Animated Series: Christmas with the Joker
Description: The first episode of Paul Dini's beloved Batman animated series.
1992 22
Batman: The Duo Is Slumming
1966 30
Human Target: The Other Side of the Mall
2010 60
Iron Man 3
2013 130
Justice League Unlimited: Comfort and Joy
Description: The Justice League celebrates Christmas in this Paul Dini-penned episode from the rebooted Justice League Unlimited run of their 2000s animated series.
2003 24
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Season's Greedings
1993 46
Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Twas the Night Before Mxymas
1993 44
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Christmas Aliens
Description: From the early 2000s take on the Ninja Turtles, based directly on an early issue of the comics.
2003 22
Teen Titans Go!: Second Christmas
Description: The Teen Titans invent a second Christmas to keep the party going.
2013 12
Teen Titans Go!: Teen Titans Save Christmas
The Avengers: Too Many Christmas Trees
1961 60
The Batman/Superman Hour: Cool, Cruel Christmas Caper
Description: From the pleasantly cheesy Filmation series. Supposedly this Mr. Freeze holiday heist was written by Bob Haney of Brave and the Bold and Teen Titans fame.
1968 7
The Boondocks: A Huey Freeman Christmas
2005 22
The Comic Book Christmas Caper
1990 104
The Little Lulu Show: Oh Christmas Tree/Santa's Snowman/The Snoopers
Description: From the HBO animated series based on the adored children's comic.
The Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special
2002 13
The New Batman Adventures: Holiday Knights
Description: The first episode of the revamped "New Adventures" seasons of Batman: The Animated Series features Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy taking a holiday shopping spree on Bruce Wayne's stolen dime.
1997 30
Ultimate Spider-man: Nightmare on Christmas
2014 23
Wonder Woman: The Deadly Toys
1975 47
Ziggy's Gift
1982 22
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