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The Christmas Toy
1986 50
The Cleveland Show: Die Semi-Hard
Description: Cleveland explains the greatest Christmas story ever told (Die Hard, of course) to his family.
2009 22
The Clock Watcher
Description: Donald Duck is the worst at wrapping presents.
1945 8
The Colgate Comedy Hour Christmas a.k.a. Abbott & Costello Christmas Show
1952 60
The Comic Book Christmas Caper
1990 104
The Cookie Carnival
Description: A Disney "Silly Symphony" with a bunch of cookie and candy chaos.
1935 8
The Curse of the Cat People
1944 70
The Dick Van Dyke Show: The Alan Brady Show Presents
1961 30
The Donna Reed Show: A Very Merry Christmas
1958 30
The Dukes: Dickens of a Christmas
Description: From the Dukes of Hazzard animated series.
1983 22
The Energy Carol
Description: Unique Canadian short about energy conservation.
1975 11
The Fat Albert Christmas Special
1977 30
The Flintstones: Christmas Flintstone
1960 30
The Forgotten Toys
Description: Nice little BBC short with Bob Hoskins as the voice of Teddy the teddy bear.
1995 25
The Gift of Winter
Description: TV special with the voices of Dan Aykroyd and Gilda Radner, a companion piece to a Halloween special called Witch's Night Out.
1974 24
The GLO Friends Save Christmas
1985 23
The Great Rupert
1950 87
The Great Santa Claus Switch
1970 60
The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy: Christmas Con Carne
2001 7
The Gumby Show: Santa Witch
Description: Pokey and a witch save Christmas.
1957 6
The Gumby Show: Scrooge Loose
Description: Ebenezer Scrooge escapes from a copy of Dickens' Christmas Carol, so Gumby and Pokey have to take him down a peg.
1957 7
The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew: Will the Real Santa Claus...?
1977 60
The Insects' Christmas
Description: Early Russian silent film using innovative stop-motion with, uh, dead insects.
1913 7
The Leprechauns' Christmas Gold
Description: Weird Rankin Bass special merging Christmas and St. Patrick's Day for whatever reason.
1981 25
The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus
Description: In maybe the most fascinating and surprising of the Rankin Bass Christmas specials, the stop-motion masters adapt L. Frank Baum's epic Santa Claus origin story in a style reminscent of He-Man, Frank Frazetta, and other popular fantasy icons of the mid-'80s when it was produced.
1985 60
The Little Lulu Show: Oh Christmas Tree/Santa's Snowman/The Snoopers
Description: From the HBO animated series based on the adored children's comic.
The Little Rascals' Christmas Special
Description: "Our Gang" collects money for a Christmas gift for Spanky's mom in this one-off animated special from 1979.
1979 30
The Littlest Angel
1969 77
The Lone Ranger: Christmas Story
1949 23
The Looney Tunes Show: A Christmas Carol
Description: From the modern Cartoon Network take on Looney Tunes.
2011 23
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