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12 Tiny Christmas Tales
Description: Bill Plympton animated a series of holiday songs in this special originally aired on Cartoon Network.
2001 22
Ace Ventura, Pet Detective: Reindeer Hunter
Description: The pilot episode of the Ace Ventura animated series finds the pet detective recruited to rescue Santa's reindeer.
1995 22
A Charlie Brown Christmas
Description: This perennial favorite was the first animated Peanuts special, and arguably still the best, with its grade-A Vince Guaraldi score, DIY-style animation, and achingly melancholy Charles Schulz script.
1965 25
A Christmas Carol
Description: This Chuck Jones-produced, Richard Williams-directed 1971 take on A Christmas Carol features gorgeous and surprisingly trippy hand-drawn animation and Alastair Sim reprising his role as Ebenezer Scrooge.
1971 28
A Christmas Dream a.k.a. Vanocni sen
Description: Low-budget Czech stop-motion with some proto-Toy Story concepts.
1949 11
A Claymation Christmas Celebration
Description: Will Vinton produced this popular Christmas special at the height of his popularity for the California Raisins and other claymation work. It features a set of Christmas carols from the aforementioned Raisins along with dinosaurs, anthropomorphic bells, walruses, etc. It's pretty weird.
1987 24
A Cosmic Christmas
Description: Nelvana Entertainment's sci-fi/fantasy oddity caught the attention of George Lucas, who hired the animation team for the Bob Fett short (generally considered the sole bright spot of the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special).
1977 26
A Disney Christmas Gift
Description: TV special compiling some classic Disney holiday scenes and shorts (including The Clock Watcher and Pluto's Christmas Tree with some new bits to tie it all together.
1983 47
Adventure Time: Holly Jolly Secrets
Description: Two-part holiday special about the Ice King's secret video diary.
2010 22
A Garfield Christmas Special
1987 30
Aliens First Christmas
1991 23
A Martian Christmas
2008 45
American Dad!: For Whom the Sleigh Bells Tolls
Description: The Smiths load up on guns to protect Steve from Santa after he accidentally shoots him.
2010 22
American Dad!: Minstrel Krampus
2013 22
American Dad!: Rapture's Delight
Description: A rather epic American Dad episode sees a Christmas Day Rapture bringing the city into a post-apocalyptic nightmare.
2009 22
American Dad!: Season's Beatings
Description: Stan discovers that Haley and Jeff's adopted son is the Antichrist in this Omen parody.
2011 22
American Dad!: The Best Christmas Story Never
Description: Stan creates an alternate reality while trying to save Christmas from Jane Fonda.
2006 22
American Dad!: The Most Adequate Christmas Ever
Description: Stan dies searching for the perfect Christmas tree, and must prove his worth to get a second chance at life.
2005 22
A Merry Mirthworm Christmas
Description: Showtime original sepcial from 1984 is one of three Mirthworm films, following a group of Smurf-like worms with names like Crystal Crawler and Dribble Bagly.
1984 30
A Mouse, a Mystery and Me
Description: McDonald's and Ruby-Spears Productions bring you this odd mix of live-action and animation in the story of a cartoon mouse who helps a teenager solve the mystery of Santa's kidnapping.
1987 26
An All Dogs Christmas Carol
Description: The final (to date) entry in the unlikely All Dogs Go to Heaven series follows the first film's villain Carface (voiced here by Ernest Borgnine) on a Scrooge-like quest to make Christmas miserable for dogkind. It is not the most kindly reviewed of the series.
1998 73
Anders F Ronnblom - Det ar inte snon som faller
Description: Really cool animated music video for some Swedish punk rocker.
Animaniacs: Helloooo Holidays!
Description: VHS collection including the shorts "Slippin' on the Ice," "'Twas the Day Before Christmas," "Jingle Boo," "The Great Wakkorotti: The Holiday Concert," "Toy Shop Terror," and "Yakko's Universe," "A Christmas Plotz," and "Little Drummer Warners."
1993 42
Animaniacs: The Christmas Tree
An Old Box
Description: Weird Canadian art film about a homeless woman finding a magical Christmas box.
1975 9
A Pink Christmas (The Pink Panther)
1978 30
Aqua Teen Hunger Force: A PE Christmas
Description: Master Shake steals Public Enemy's identities so he can record a holiday rap album.
2000 12
Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future
Description: The first Aqua Teen Christmas episode is still probably the strangest, introducing an unlikely recurring character in the form of a "Cybernetic Ghost" with a complicated series of conflicting Christmas prophecies.
2002 12
Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Mail Order Bride
Description: Master Shake and Carl buy each other a mail order bride for Christmas.
2002 12
Archie's Weird Mysteries: The Christmas Phantom
1999 22
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