McArathon V (2009)

We didn't keep very good records back then, but here's a partial list of what played that year. More to come, hopefully...

Films shown (not necessarily in order):

Batman the Animated Series: Christmas with the Joker
Christmas at Pee Wee's Playhouse
Christmas Evil a.k.a. You Better Watch Out
It's Always Sunny…: A Very Sunny Christmas
Johnny Bravo: A Johnny Bravo Christmas
Metalocalypse: Dethmas
Rifftrax: A Visit to Santa
Rifftrax: Christmas Toyshop
Rifftrax Live Christmas Shorts-stravaganza!  (Pre-McArathon V warm-up)
Santa's Slay
Santa with Muscles
The Venture Bros: A Very Venture Christmas

Pictures/Memories/Other Garbage:

Nothing yet...