McArathon XIV: McArathon Firtreen (2018)

Our most ridiculous theme yet: 24 hours of Christmas trees, mostly ones that talk.

Films shown (not necessarily in order):

Firtreen Opening
Do You Like My Decorations?
Yo Gabba Gabba!: A Very Awesome Christmas Special  (Story Book Christmas Tree clip)
1941: Walking Trees (Clip)
A Very Special Sesame Street Christmas: The Pagan Cut
A Very Fuppets Holiday Christmas
Conan: Old Tree
Joe Pera Helps You Find the Perfect Christmas Tree
Cuddle Barn - Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree
Christmas Cracker  (Tree clip)
The Killer Trees (Saturday Night Live)
Die Woody's - Fichtl's Tanz aka Singing Spruce Wonderland
Big Business
Archie's Weird Mysteries: The Christmas Phantom
They Might Be Giants - C Is for Conifers
Rifftrax: The Magic Christmas Tree / The Shanty Where Santa Claus Lives a.k.a. Christmas with Rifftrax
The Angry Beavers: Gift Hoarse
A Very Terry Christmas: Get Cozy with Terry Crews  (Used for break videos)
Peter Clark's Christmas Tree Tips
Rocko's Modern Life: Rocko's Modern Christmas  (Tree clip)
Danny Phantom: The Fright Before Christmas  (Killer trees clip)
A Very Pink Christmas (Pink Panther)
Darkwing Duck: It's a Wonderful Leaf
The Christmas Tree (1996)  (McArathon edit)
The Adventures of Pete & Pete: O' Christmas Pete
E4 Xmas Idents 2010 #1-5
E4 Xmas Idents 2011 #1-5
E4 Xmas Idents 2015
Melania Trump Defends White House Red Christmas Trees
Wild Man Fischer - I'm a Christmas Tree
I Didn't Know That: How Christmas Trees Are Made
Doctor Who: The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe
Bob's Burgers: Christmas in the Car
Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree
Tennessee Tuxedo and His Tales: The Tree Trimmers
Talking Trees (Dollar Bin Productions)
Now That's What I Call McArathon Vol. 15 Promo
Rainbow: Christmas Tree
Drunk History Christmas Special (2017)  (A Very Teddy Roosevelt Christmas segment)
All Is Bright
Metalocalypse: Dethmas  (Tree clip)
Brooklyn Nine-Nine: The Pontiac Bandit Returns  (Tree farm clip)
Doctor Who: The Christmas Invasion  (Tree clip)
Andy Richter's Home for the Holidays
Teletubbies: Christmas Tree
Bloody Merry Christmas
A Christmas Horror Story  (Changeling segment)
Hunter S. Thompson: The Burning of the Christmas Tree
The Christmas Tree (John Roberts)
Satan Claus  (Victim tree clip)
Christmas Tree Salesman (Saturday Night Live)
Trees 2: The Root of All Evil
Man Dancing as Christmas Tree
Futurama Holiday Spectacular  (Tree segment)
Bloody Christmas
Something Under the Christmas Tree
A Claymation Christmas Celebration  (Tree clip)
The Christmas Tree (1991)  (McArathon edit)
Winter Wonderland
Rescue 911 Season 7 Episode 209: Christmas Ornament Fire / San Francisco Docu  (Clip)
The Avengers: Too Many Christmas Trees  (Clip)
The Berenstain Bears' Christmas Tree
We Bare Bears: The Perfect Tree
The Christmas Visit a.k.a. New Year's Trip
George and the Christmas Star
Christmas with the Lettermans  (Tree clips)
Peril of the Bells
Jack Frost
The Tiny Tree
The Littlest Light on the Christmas Tree  (Trailer only)
Pluto's Christmas Tree
Christopher the Christmas Tree
The Tree That Saved Christmas Trailer
The Rooftop Christmas Tree Trailer
Noel the Happy Ornament
Stick Man
Why This College Student Is Wearing a Christmas Tree Costume All Week
Green Acres: An Old-Fashioned Christmas  (Tree clip)
The Fairytaler: The Fir Tree
The Christmas Raccoons
The Aquabats! Super Show: Christmas with the Aquabats  (Tree clip)
House without a Christmas Tree  (Clip)
The Superions - Crummy Christmas Tree
Rover Dangerfield - I'll Never Do It On a Christmas Tree
The Real Story of O Christmas Tree
The Big O: Daemonseed
Mole and the Christmas Tree
See You Next Year (Long Kiss Goodnight Ending Clip)
Firtreen Closing

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